Oxyjet is pioneering the world of Eco-friendly and Zero-visible emission devices.

Oxyjet not only gives excellent fuel benefits but also boosts your vehicle mileage. Oxyjet will change the image and dynamics of automobile performance. This exceptional machine gives efficient pollution control measures, advanced performance and engine life improvement. Oxyjet has been tested for durability, and having withstood the most excruciating automobile tests for performance, it is ready to transform your engine. Oxyjet has radically increased mileage consumption by 20-30% and reduced pollution levels upto 40%.

Oxyjet provides for a smooth engine start up in addition to reducing friction. With reduced carbon monoxide emissions, it delivers a green tomorrow and increases the engine power.

Experience the new pulse, a green today and tomorrow with Oxyjet installed in your vehicle.

Oxyjet can be used in
  • All kinds of 2,3 and 4 wheelers
  • Passenger Vehicles
  • Sports Utility Vehicles
  • Multi Utility Vehicles
  • Light Commercial Vehicles
  • Heavy Diesel Vehicles
  • Agro & Farm Equipment
  • Off Highway & Construction Equipment
  • Generators & Gen-sets
  • Telecom Towers
  • Boats
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A Powerful Innovation

As a device, Oxyjet, can be fitted easily in 4 wheelers and 2 wheelers. This exclusive one-of-a-kind device consists of an exceptionally formulated "Fuel Additive" that works wonders for any automobile – petrol, diesel, LPG or CNG driven. The quantity of the fuel additive used at one go is only 10 ml, which needs to be refilled every 4000 km.

Benefits of Oxyjet

A mileage escalator, it reduces engine noise, carbon deposits from engine and above all the fuel expenses. It infuses a new life to your engine. It is robust, enduring, and functions naturally on the existing heat of the 4 wheeler's coolant pipe and the 2 wheeler’s silencer.

Engine Benefits
  • Reduces Friction
  • Reduces Carbon Deposits
  • Reduces Engine Noise
  • Reduces Fuel Expenses
  • Increases Engine Power and Torque
  • Promotes Longer Engine Life
  • Low Maintenance Cycles
  • Low Maintenance Costs