The Installation Procedure for Oxyjet

The installation process is quick, hassle-free and can be completed easily within 5 to 10 minutes.


Connect the hot water-pipe outlet from the radiator to the corresponding Oxyjet input point for heating purpose via the ‘T’ junction.


Connect the pipe from the Oxyjet outlet to the air filter. The device output Oxygen pipe should be installed/kept on the rubber pipe after the air filter and before the engine. Use M Seal – leak proof material - to avoid Oxygen leakage.


Ensure that all connections are done with proper accuracy.


Open the packed 10ml bottle of herbal liquid and pour it slowly into the inlet in the Oxyjet device meant to store the liquid. Kindly refer to the diagram in the Installation manual.


After filling the device with the liquid, close the inlet with the CSK bolt and conceal it with a Teflon tape.

The installation of the Oxyjet device is complete.


Download Installation Manual
Post Installation Checks
Once Oxyjet has been installed, there are certain checks that you must follow. They are:
  • The length of the pipe connecting the ‘T’ junction and the Oxyjet input point should not be more than 6 inches. It is absolutely necessary to keep the device exactly below the ‘T’ junction.
  • Neither keep the device nor install it near parts of the engine that could get heat up.
  • Device cables must be clipped properly.
  • Check whether the coolant is connected to the device by starting the engine of the vehicle.
  • The engine will get de-carbonised after it completes 150 kms of driving post installation.